Senior Software Engineer - Allen

position overview

Boss Fight Entertainment is a cutting-edge game development studio, with offices in Dallas and Austin.  We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our ranks of veteran game developers as we take on an exciting new challenge to bring AAA console experiences to mobile, as well as developing new IPs.

*Relocation assistance available

As Senior Software Engineer you will:

  • Join a team of engineers, artists and designers to work on a top quality game
  • Contribute to game design by providing guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of the team and engines
  • Evaluate new engines and discover how to robustly and efficiently develop in them
  • Mentor junior members as they grow in their careers
  • Discuss, design and modify shared code to benefit all game teams
  • Research and experiment with new technology
  • Create graphics engines and tools to showcase our artists’ amazing work
  • Work with our server engineers to coordinate communication to the server
  • Find root source of bugs and help architect code to minimize reoccurrence
  • Optimize code to squeeze the best performance out of devices
  • Prepare the game for launch on multiple devices in multiple countries
  • Support the game as it goes live and add new features to keep players wanting more


We’re looking for:

  • Strong, proven programming skills
  • Ability to analyze performance and optimize code
  • Great can-do attitude and you lead by example
  • Self-motivation and willingness to pitch in on many areas of game development
  • Ability to communicate effectively with artists, designers, and other engineers
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or related degree, or equivalent work experience
  • 8+ years’ experience in delivering production-level code in a professional environment
  • Experience shipping multiple successful game products into the marketplace
  • iOS or Android mobile development experience
  • Real-Time strategy and Unity 3D game development experience
  • Experience supporting a live service






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